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 Recruiting export sales manager and Pearl River Delta regional sales manager

The company set up a new foreign trade team, recruit foreign trade salesman and a manager, welcome people with lofty ideals to join, to provide a broad space for development.

Requirements for foreign trade salesmen are as follows:

1. At least one year working experience in PCB Marketing Department or merchandising experience in PCB foreign trade, able to use related software quotation, familiar with PCB process;

2. Strong English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to communicate with foreign customers fluently (major in English, International trade, e-commerce and other related majors);

3. Smart, quick response, diligent and able to work under pressure;

4. Working time: 6 days and 8 hours;

5. Salary: 3500-8500 + commission + bonus + housing allowance + communication allowance;

6. Working place: Baoan Xixiang (150 meters from Xixiang Station of Metro Line 1 and 300 meters from Bihaiwan Station of Metro Line 11)

7. Contact number: Mr. Liu 13828803854 0755-27918195

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